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Equalizations Basics

Format: 1/2 day

This half day course is intended for people who want to understand what an equalization (13th month throughput adjustment) is, why we do them, and what information is contained within them.  It is ideal for those individuals looking to gain an understanding of the steps required to approve and/or code out an equalization.  An equalization will be done in class to demonstrate all of the components that make up an equalization and where the data comes from.  The course may not be in depth enough for individuals who will be required to do the equalizations for their organization.

Instructor: Lorie Lindberg

Lorie has been working in the oil patch for 35 years in the areas of production, revenue, and royalty accounting.  She received her CMA designation in 1991 and has also received  Certificates in Production Accounting (CAPPA), Joint Venture Auditing, and Teaching .

Lorie has been teaching for the past 25 years for CAPPA, PASC, and various other organizations.  She currently consults for several companies specializing in Gas Cost Allowance and Equalizations.


$300 + GST (Members)
$350 + GST (Non-Members) 

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