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The benefits of an EASC membership are boundless. We help our members elevate their careers by offering opportunities to network, to learn more about our business, to increase the value offered to employers and to actively shape the guidelines that affect our industry.

Some of the other benefits of membership include:

International Insights EASC has a long-standing relationship with the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS). In fact, we were one of the founding members of the organization more than 35 years ago. COPAS serves as an umbrella association for all of the petroleum accounting societies in North America. Through our affiliation with COPAS, EASC, and by extension our members, stays in touch with accounting policy developments in the U.S. and internationally.

Professional Development Luncheons EASC regularly holds monthly luncheon meetings at the Petroleum Club. Each meeting features an interesting guest speaker who sheds light on a different aspect of our industry. These luncheon meetings are a great opportunity to network, discuss industry activities, and earn professional development credits. EASC members receive a discount on registration fees.

Continuing Education Courses As part of our goal of supporting the industry, EASC invests in training the next generation of energy accountants. To this end, we provide the following continuing education courses: Introduction to Petroleum Accounting, Fixed Asset Fundamentals, Equalizations Basics, and Production Analysis and Audit.

Volunteer Opportunities EASC members get priority access to roles on our standing committees. These roles offer unprecedented opportunities to develop lasting relationships with industry peers while working on projects that shape our industry.

Reporting to the board of directors, committee members work in teams to develop accounting procedures and guidelines, craft continuing education courses, research resources, select speakers and represent the society on joint task forces with other industry associations like PJVA, CAPL and CAPLA.

EASC members get exclusive groups rates on auto, home and pet insurance Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada partners with Economical Insurance to provide its members with an opportunity to take advantage of exclusive insurance rates. As a qualified member, you could save on coverage for your vehicle as well as for your home, condo, apartment or seasonal getaway.

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Continuous Professional Learning and Development (CPLD) Every EASC luncheon, course, or even committee volunteering that you do can count towards your CPLD hours in one way or another.  Our luncheons and courses generally count as verifiable hours, and volunteering on committees, in most cases, are also verifiable as long as the committee is taking minutes indicating who has attended, what was discussed, and the action items taken from the meeting.  At the very least, if the committee fails to meet the necessary criteria, these hours would count as non-verifiable. 

Conditions of Membership EASC memberships are open to individuals actively occupied in the fields of accounting, auditing, finance or economics at organizations that operate in the Canadian energy industry.

Cost of Membership EASC offers memberships to eligible individuals at the rate of $125 + GST per year.

Student Membership Student membership is available to any full-time student enrolled in an energy or accounting program at an accredited post-secondary institution. Cost for an annual student membership is $20 + GST. Student members are not entitled to vote or hold office, however they can take advantage of all the other benefits of membership in EASC.