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EASC's volunteer committees develop publications and standards that help provide a foundation for best practices and common understanding within the field of petroleum accounting. EASC members enjoy complimentary access to the publications as part of their annual member dues. Downloadable versions are available to members, non-members and companies through our subscriber service. All EASC Publications are subject to the EASC Licensing Agreement.

For a detailed description of current publications, please access our complimentary Publications Guide.

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Complimentary Publications

Schedule of Rates,
Elections and Modifications
Schedule of Rates,
Elections and Modifications
EASC Chart of Accounts
Overhead Rate Adjustment
Joint Venture Audit Benchmark Rate

EASC Publication Pricing - Licensed Works*

Effective June 30th, 2020

User Class Soft Copy
Current Licensed Works*
EASC Members* Access included with EASC membership
Subscribers Circle**
(12 Month Subscription)
Initial Subscription: $500
Annual Renewal: $250
* Subject to acceptance of the EASC Publications License Agreement.
** Subscribers Circle/Subscriptions

"Subscribers Circle" is our subscription service that provides downloadable access to the current suite of Licensed Works for a period of 12 consecutive months commencing on the date of payment of the Initial Subscription fee, and to new releases during the subscription period. Subscribers are permitted to download and store the Licensed Works on their individual computers or network for the subscription period. This option allows your entire company quick access to our the current suite of Licensed Works. Subscriptions are subject to acceptance of the EASC Publications Licensing Agreement and each publication is imprinted with the Subscriber's name.

For continued use of the Licensed Works, the Annual Renewal fee is due and payable on or before the expiry of the 12-month subscription period ("Anniversary Date"). If the Annual Renewal fee is not paid by the Anniversary Date, the subscription terminates and the Subscriber's access revoked. Notice of termination will be issued to the Subscriber with the expectation that all Licensed Works in its possession are destroyed. A Subscriber whose subscription has lapsed or terminated will be required to re-subscribe by paying the Initial Subscription fee for access and use of the then current suite of Licensed Works.

Access to Retired EASC Publications

On specific request certain retired EASC Publications
may be available at premium pricing.
Please contact the EASC Office for additional information.
T: 403.262.4744 F: 403.244.2340