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Revenue Audit

Format: ½ Day

You will learn the following in this 1/2 day session:

  • Petrinex
    • Audit preparation - to ascertain risk areas
  • EPAP - Directive 76 (Alberta)/ EVAP (Saskatchewan)
    • Enhanced Production Audit Program System
    • Enhanced Valuation Audit Program
  • Directive 17
    • Measurement Requirements for Oil & Gas Operations
  • Directive 46
    • Production Audit Handbook
  • Gas Component Conversional & Oil Densities
  • Onsite Information
    • Production Accounting & Revenue Files
    • Oil & Gas Analysis
    • Production Accounting Information Not Available
  • Common Rick Areas & Findings
    • Gas
    • Oil & Solution Gas
    • Liquids

Instructor: Dale Richardson

Dale Richardson received a two year business administration diploma from  Mount Royal College and worked as a Tax Clerk, Gas Plant Accountant, Internal Auditor and a Revenue and Fixed Asset Supervisor before joining Rife Resources Ltd in August 1983.  He started at Rife Resources as a Senior Auditor,  became Audit Supervisor in 1987, was then promoted to the Audit Manager from 1993 to 2008. Since 2008 Dale has become the Business Manager at Rife Resources Ltd.  Dale is currently part of the Asset Preservation and Compliance Team which involves ensuring that the terms of freehold leases are complied with and non leased mineral titles lands are included with offsetting production are drilled or leased out. Dale is also part of the offset team that issues offsets on leased freehold lands where offsetting production is draining the freehold lands. The APAC teams is also involved in mediation and legal issues.

Dale also accesses risk areas internally and conducts internal reviews and contractor audits at Rife Resources which also manages  Freehold Royalties Partnership and Canpar Holdings Ltd.  Dale also participates on joint venture audits as mentor and trainer with the auditors conducting the joint venture audits.

$300 + GST Members
$350 + GST Non-members