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Gas Allocations & Audit Findings: Intermediate

Format: 1 Day

This course will cover:

  • Gas allocations – what are they, who is interested in them,  history, types, what is required to perform a correct allocation,  an example of an allocation process, an example of a simple gas volumetric allocation,  gas and product component allocation steps and a component allocation example.
  • Three things that drive an equitable allocation – accurate volumes (measurement), representative analyses and correct configuration.
  • Measurement – what is measurement, how is it done, why accurate measurement is important, systems included in measurement, standards, why measurement is difficult, reporting measurement, measurement processes and production flow analyses.
  • Audit findings related to measurement – facility& measurement system design/installation issues, error identification and top ten EFM audit issues and recommendations.
  • Gas & Liquid Analysis – compositional measures, what are they used for, important factors when taking samples, gas and liquid analysis audit findings and recommendations

Instructor: Kevin Boyce

An Image of Kevin Boyce

For the past 17 years Kevin Boyce worked as a production measurement audit for Encana Corporation.  Prior that that he worked at Chevron Canada Resources for 9 years as a production accountant, joint venture analyst, financial analyst and internal auditor.  He has an Certified Internal Auditor designation, a Certification in Control Self-Assessment and an MBA.  He is  an active member of the Industry Measurement Group (IMG) and is currently heading the subcommittee on changes to the AER regulations.   He has instructed for PASC, CSHM, & PJVA.

$500 + GST Members
$575 + GST Non-members