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2011 Accounting Procedure: Introduction

Format: ½ day (4-hours)

The PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure affords a new option to companies for a model accounting procedure that was designed in context of an ever-changing industry environment. This course acts as an introduction to some of the key changes that were brought about with the introduction of the 2011 PASC Accounting Procedure, and overviews how some of the new options in PASC 2011 affect our current business practices.

Instructor: Kody Carroll

An Image of Kody Carroll

As President of Integrity Audit and Accounting Ltd., Kody Carroll has been specializing in Joint Venture Accounting and Joint Venture Audit for both upstream and midstream oil and gas companies for 18 years. He has performed and managed a number of audits at a multitude of companies across the industry. In addition, he has been involved in training on PASC model agreements, equalizations, joint venture accounting, and joint venture audit.

Kody is a member of the Joint Venture Audit Committee (JVAC) of PASC and has a MBA from the University of Calgary specializing in Global Energy Management and Sustainability.


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