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 Hydrogen & New Energy Initiatives

Noel Robitaille, Senior Vice President Crude Oil Supply & Marketing, Petrogas Energy Corp.


  Clean, flexible, efficient - hydrogen is one of the practical keys to unlocking tomorrow’s sustainable energy portfolio. Learn more about our industry’s approach to this useful, high-yielding energy source and what we are doing today to advance development.  
The Current & Future Landscape of ESG 

Kim Payne, Partner - Audit, KPMG

Atin Prakash, Senior Manager - Global Sustainability Services, KPMG


  Today’s competitive requirement is incorporating progressive corporate practices in environment, social and governance. Learn about current trends in ESG, tomorrow’s emerging standards framework, best practices for practitioners, and how to harness increased value.
 Sustainability:Trends & Futures Dan Zilnik, Ernst & Young LLP  
  Sustainability is a mindset that resonates with many, but it is only rhetoric unless measured, tangible, and economically effective. Join us for a glimpse on how organizations can be poised today to leverage their true potential and create a resilient, sustainable tomorrow.  
The Alberta TIER Regulation and Joint Venture Implications of Carbon Accounting

Kevin Hill, Integrity Audit and Accounting

Mike Kitchen, Canlin Energy Corporation

Patrick Kitchin, Whitecap Resources 

  Asset optimization is increasingly important in the wake of today’s economic environment where companies are faced with outpacing inflation. Join our savvy audit practitioners to explore key findings and tactics to harness incremental value from your production and operations tomorrow.



 Thorough & Accurate Carbon Footprint Measures: Exploring Scope 2 & Scope 3 Emissions

 Sam Anderson, CEO & Founder, CarbonGraph  
  Today’s shifting corporate mindset recognizes direct facilities and equipment impacts (Scope 1), but there is still difficulty in quantifying indirect emissions down the chain of a given activity (Scope 2 & Scope 3). Learn the new measures being developed as we strive for tomorrow’s goal of carbon neutrality.


The Problem with Spreadsheets in ARO Management Jennifer Baerg & Amber Anderson, XI Technologies   
  Tomorrow’s end-of-life obligations present unique and interesting challenges given the long time horizons and evolving requirements. Learn how to navigate today’s regulatory changes, labor shortages, and increasing complexities in context of ARO.



Corporate Leadership in Equality & Pay Transparency Justin Weinhardt, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior & HR, Haskayne School of Business  

Pay transparency, like many ethical issues, is controversial. However, I will make the ethical, empirical, and business case that the benefits outweigh the costs and that organizations should increase pay transparency. Moreover, I will propose that changes to compensation and reporting of compensation can have significant positive benefits for gender equality.

 Strengthening Culture Through Human Resources & Ethics  Sheri Brake, AccessHR Inc.  

Organizations today are tasked toward higher ethical standards and practices in managing human capital. Join a leading HR practitioner and learn best practices on building workplace trust, supporting teams through change, and strengthening culture to better face tomorrow’s challenges.